• SageHeart is a socially responsible company. All proceeds go to create sustainability within our communities and renew our connection to the Mother Earth. Not only are we creating jobs and creating capitol so we can invest in our sustainable efforts ourselves, but we are reestablishing the community’s connection to these fundamental and foundational medicines.

SageHeart’s goal is to bring awareness to these invaluable foundation medicinal plants.

That they may be properly stewarded in nature, protecting what is still left in integrity, that native plants might be restored to the landscape, for the sake of the animals and the people, and that they might be propagated and made available for the healing of the people without major environmental impact.

We commit to cultivate and sustain ably grow Native Plants with the proceeds, that they are made readily available to the people worldwide and that the proceeds go to not only sustain the project but preserve the knowledge that these plants teach– to take care of each other and all our relations and to live in balance on this Earth.

To all our relatives of this sacred mother earth movement and this earth people united tradition,

Please check out our 100 percent bio packaged sage bundles and support our efforts to raise money for sage plantations to offset the disastrous effects the success of sage has been on the wild plant populations which is the reason we have decided to stop participating for the last few years.

This effect is further heightened by the drought, coupled with the increase in demand, has resulted in major impact and in many areas endangering sage populations.

This is the reason for our return and this site, to present this clearly defined intention, with total equality and transparency…”For the People, By the People”… to do things in balance.

Please support our worker owned collective and join us by networking medicine plants in proficiency and working together to raise capital to start native plant nurseries and plantations in your area to support the needs of the people and to offset the impact on our native habitats.

Right now our focus is on the Salvia Apiana, the Grandfather White Sage, who populations have tremendously weakened south of Los Angeles.  We want to plant a ten acre plot of Salvia on a 20 acre piece of land.

We are looking to generate sufficient funds to accomplish this project.  We are offering investment returns for investors and looking for private support from good hearted people looking to work in conjunction with the project, tribally.

We are not looking for handouts and feel that the sage can sell itself.  All we need is your cooperation and appreciation for the 100 percent recycled paper, biodegradable bags, and truly informative labels with well researched information and a good web site and legal entity to support it, that we provide through SageHeart.

We are grateful for all that the sage does for us.  It would be nice to see every company that benefits from these sacred plants work together to create sustainable and conscious supply of medicine.

May we be restored in our knowledge of these sacred plants, renewed in our strength, and reclaim our connection to the Mother Earth and the pharmacy in the Forest.

Sincerely and with Promise,