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SageHeart is a socially responsible company. All proceeds go to create sustainability within our communities and renew our connection to the Mother Earth. Not only are we creating jobs and creating capitol so we can invest in our sustainable efforts ourselves, but we are reestablishing the community’s connection to these fundamental and foundational medicines.

SageHeart’s goal is to bring awareness to these invaluable foundational medicinal plants that they may be properly stewarded in nature, protecting what is still left in integrity, that native plants might be restored to the landscape, for the sake of the animals and the people, and that we commit to cultivate and sustainably grow Native Plants that they are made readily available to the people worldwide and that the proceeds go to not only sustain the project but preserve the knowledge that these plants teach– to take care of each other and all our relations and to live sustainably on this Earth.

Let us be free from our dependence on manufactured medicine, renewed in our strength, and reclaim our connection to the Mother Earth and the pharmacy in the Forest.


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