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SageHeart is a socially responsible company.  All proceeds go to create sustainability within our communities and renew our connection to the Mother Earth.  Not only are we creating jobs and creating capitol so we can invest in our sustainable efforts ourselves, but we are reestablishing the community's connection to these fundamental and foundational medicines. 

SageHeart's goal is to bring awareness to these invaluable foundational medicinal plants that they may be properly stewarded in nature, protecting what is still left in integrity, that native plants might be restored to the landscape, for the sake of the animals and the people, and that we commit to cultivate and sustainably grow Native Plants that they are made readily available to the people world wide and that the proceeds go to not only sustain the project but preserve the knowledge that these plants teach-- to take care of each other and all our relations and to live sustainably on this Earth.

Let us be free from our dependence on manufactured medicine, renewed in our strength, and reclaim our connection to the Mother Earth and the pharmacy in the Forest.

For wholesale prices and prices for bulk orders...please email me at sageheart@whitesagebudles.com or check the whole sale price list

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Pricing for under One Hundred Pieces

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) 


9" x 1.75 Unpackaged bundle... $2.50

Two Pack Bio-packaged 9" x 2"...$5.50

7" x 1.25" Biopackaged bundle.... $2.50

7" x 1.25" unpackaged bundle.... $2.00

Four pack Biopackaged 8" x 1.25".... $7.50

8" x 1.25" unpackaged... $2.25


Five Pack Biopackaged 5" x 1.25" .... $6.50

5" x 1.25" unpackaged bundle…. $1.50

Six Pack 5" x 1" bio-pack.... $7.50

Eight Pack 5" x 1" bio-pack... $10.50

5"x 1" bundle unpackaged.... $1.25

Loose leaf (90 plus grams per bag).... $3.50/bag

Blue Sage (Salvia Clevelandii)      

9" x 1.75" Unpackaged bundle... $2.50

Two Pack 9" x 1.75" Bio-packaged...$5.50

7" x 1.25" Bio packaged Bundle... $2.50    

7" x 1.25" unpackaged Bundle... $2.00   

other sizes available upon request

Loose Leaf Clevelandii (120 plus grams/bag)... $5.00


Black Sage (Salvia Mellifera)

7" x 1.25" Biopackaged Bundle.... $2.50

7" x 1.25" unpackaged.... $2.00

Four pack 5" x 1" Biopackaged Bundles... $5.00

unpackaged 5" x 1" bundles... $1.50


Four Pack 8" x 1.25" Biopackaged Bundles....$7.50

Unpackaged 8" x 1.25"..... $2.25


California Sagebrush (Artemisia Californica)

Four Pack 8" x .75" Biopacked bundles... $4.50

Unpackaged 8" x .75" bundle... $1.50

Dessert Sagebrush (Artemesia Tridentata)

Four Pack 8" x 1.25" Biopackaged Bundle.... $7.50

Unpackaged 8" x 1.25" Bundles.... $2.25

Four Pack 5" x 1" Bundles.... $5.00

Unpackaged 5" x 1" Bundles.... $1.50

Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum)

 Three Pack Bio Packaged 5" x 1.5" Bundles.... $5.00                      

 Unpackaged 5" x 1.5" Bundles.... $2.00

Three Pack Yerba Santa Biopackaged 8" x 1" Bundles...$7.50

Unpackaged 8" x 1.5" Bundles.... $3.00


Biopackaged 7" x 1.25" Yerba Santa Bundles.... $3.00

Unpackaged 7" x 1.25" Yerba Santa Bundles.... $2.50


  Biopackaged Yerba Santa leaf (120 plus grams/bag)... $5.00  


Black Sage, Yerba Santa, Dessert Sage, White Sage

Variety Pack 8" x 1.25".... $7.50

Dessert Sage, Black Sage, Yerba Santa, White Sage

Variety Pack 5" x 1".... $5.00

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Incense Cedar  (Calocedrus decurrens)



....Dried, Bagged and packaged upon request

Red Cedar/ Flat Cedar (Thuja plicata )


Loose leaf….$12.00/pound

Palo Santos Wood

Large Piece of Palo Santos Wood... $3.50


Eco Flap Seal Bags use EarthFirst® PLA film from Ingeo™ that is certified compostable by the Biodedgradable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN Certco under ASTM 6400 and EN 13432.

• Made from Plants!
• Lactic Acid from plants is used to create the material Polyactide (PLA)
• Certified Compostable click here for more details
• FDA approved for direct food contact
• Sustainable
• High Clarity
• 1.2 Mil thickness
• Meets ASTM D6400 & EN 13432
• Not Archival Quality
• Not USPS Approved

To cultivate an intimate relationship with native plants, learn proper techniques to wild harvest the plants sustainably, and to propagate native plants to help restore the sacred hoops and the people's connection to the mother earth.   

To educate people and ensure the health of Native Plants

Proper use of the medicinal plants as well as traditional wild crafting techniques will be expressed within our wild crafting certification process.  Traditionally, harvesting techniques were passed down with specific knowledge as to when and how and with what respect these plants should be harvested.  Today much of that sought after knowledge has been lost for various reasons.  We believe that this knowledge is vital and we feel obligated to hold space so this knowledge can be made available to the people.  Traditions, such as leaving a piece of hair or tobacco, acknowledging the spirits of the four directions, and asking permission from the plants are vitally important in respecting tradition and the spirits within the plants.

The people and the medicinal plants native to their environment form an important symbiotic relationship.  The plants provide medicine to the people while the people prune and care for the plants.  Plants used for medicine were pruned specifically to support the needs of the tribe.

For example, as with any other flowering plant, removing most of the flower tops as well as harvesting the larger bunches of leaves will force the plant into a constant vegetative process where it will mostly produce leaves.  Plants that have not been topped produce greater amounts of seed or grain for the people as less leaf.  Pruning prolongs harvest and increases the overall yield of the plants.  Plants that I have worked with are larger by far than Native plants that have been left untouched.  Plants love attention, love to be valued and respected, and like every other living thing, love to carry responsibility and a purpose for the people.  They are medicine.  They know they are needed and respond readily.

To propagate native plants

We support Native plants nurseries to propagate native plants for restoration, domestic retail sales to the people and for seed; to be a resource for local forest service, for example, to sub-contract with to provide both plants and the labor for the replanting. 

Understanding the medicinal qualities of these plants, replanting and pruning for wild harvest can create jobs, awareness and positive income from plants which are normally ignored.  We will restore practical knowledge that has been lost from the common person while generating financial support to those who carry the wisdom of where these ways came from and how they are to practiced; those who carry the traditions of the first peoples-the original patient holders for all the plant knowledge we have today.  

The Taboo

To provide positive income selling wild crafted and/or only farm propagated plants.  Coming from traditional circles “selling sage” and many of these sacred medicinal plants is taboo and highly scrutinized.   Nonetheless, it is still purchased at trading posts and metaphysical stores all over the world.  It is picked and wrapped by anyone and sold to distributors who then wholesale the sage.  None of the proceeds go to help preserve the tradition from whence they came and the native sage is often stripped from the land without regard to the plants or the environment.

  • SageHeart  is the first and only organization to use its proceeds to support itself as well as giving back to organizations dedicated to the preservation of tribal knowledge and ceremony. 

  • It is the only organization of this kind where all the proceeds go to restore the Land.

  • Supporting Sageheart is supporting the Earth, its first peoples, as well as non-natives who are attracted to these traditions and would like to learn how to deal with these sacred plants in a reverend way. 

  • All Sage is properly harvested by people with a strong connection to the Earth , with utmost consideration to the plant , the land , and the tradition. 

  • We are one of the only companies producing sage sustainable grown on site.